Client Services

Password Guidelines

1. All passwords are case sensitive and contain 8-25 characters and any combination of numbers (0-9) and letters. Password MUST also contain any of these special characters: @ # $ ^ ! & ( ) _ + -=> ? / ~
2. Login ids are assigned per user and should not be shared with co-workers (security policy).
3. Password MUST contain at least one upper and one lower character
4. Password shall not contain more than 2 repetitive or sequential characters (i.e. 123, abc)
5. Passwords are required to be updated every 90 days. The system will prompt the user on day 85.
6. The last 8 passwords cannot be re-used.
7. If the site has not been accessed for 90 days, the user account will be considered inactive and will need to be reactivated.
8. After the fourth unsuccessful attempt at logging in you will be locked out. If you are locked out you can contact the CVS Caremark Service Center to have your password reset.

Not currently registered?

If you are not currently a registered user, but are interested in gaining access to one of CVS Caremark's Web-based applications, please contact your CVS Caremark representative for more information.